East Alligator Region

Yesterday we visited the East Alligator region – an area in the North-East of Kakadu where the East Alligator river is the border between the Northern Territory and Arnhem Land.

We went to another art site – Ubirr that had some much older art work than Nourlangie and some stunning scenery of the Escarpment and flood plains.

In some cases the rock art told new-comers to the area – what was on the menu, and in other cases, it taught the laws of the land, like staying away from crocodiles and not stealing things from others

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The scenery of the “Stone Country” escarpment was something else

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The afternoon saw us on a cultural cruise on the East Alligator River.

The 2 hr trip had our guide stopping frequently to show us trees that had many uses in their day to day lives. We saw how spears were made, and our first crocs.

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Our last event for the day – was a stop at Cahills Crossing – a causeway across the East Alligator river into Arnhem Land. Also its a popular spot for croc’s as the barrier traps a lot of fish.



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