Peregian Beach

It’s starting to become something of a tradition for me, visiting Dave and Sheryl while they are house sitting on the Sunshine Coast. Today I spent the day at the beach.

I started with a 2-hour walk along Peregian Beach. I headed north for just over an hour and then turned around and headed south again.

It was a perfect Sunshine Coast day. The temperature was over 30, but the fresh sea breeze kept the beach cool and pleasant; wispy clouds were suspended in the clear blue sky; out on the horizon a yacht sailed by; people swam in the surf, disappearing as the next row of waves rolled in while anxious pets sat on the shore and barked whenever they lost sight of their human. Other dogs ran and caught balls; young couples threw frisbees or dragged their boogie boards into the surf; older couples walked along the beach, like I did, enjoying the fresh sea air and the tacit camaraderie that seems to exist between beach-goers.

I returned to the patrolled beach at Peregian and retrieved my kit from the car; beach umbrella bought from the local hardware store last year; plastic bags for sand to stabilise my brollie; folding chair; lunch; book. What more could I need? Umbrella and chair set up and awaiting my return, I hit the surf.

I’m a North Queenslander, so I’m not that big on the surf. It seems to be just hard work for someone who likes to wallow as opposed to battle the waves. I headed into the water on the southern end of the flags. There was a strong undertow pushing from north to south so it was easier to leave the water and walk along the beach to the northern flag and then just allow the water to do its thing, dragging me south with the tow. I let the waves hit me, wash over me, and then I would adjust my swimwear to ensure my modesty remained intact. It was fun, and refreshing after my 10km beach walk. Just enough to stimulate my appetite.

I spent the next couple of hours in my comfy folding chair, watching the other beach-goers; eating my lunch; reading my book; and soaking up the breeze, protected from the Queensland sun by my trusty beach umbrella.

There are so many excellent ways to spend a sunny Queensland summer day, but right now I cannot think of a better way than a day at the beach!

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