Abu Dhabi Formula 1

A great end to the 2015 season. Jan and IĀ have beenĀ fortunate enough to attend the first and last races of the year. Yass is a spectatular circuit and even better in the evening.

Post race celebrations
Post race celebrations



Off by bus to day 1 of the 2015 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 – little to no wind and a mild max of 27 deg was a great start to the weekend.

Abu Dhabi race Fri0464

Abu Dhabi race Fri0364The race is held at twilight – meaning daylight practice sessions and evening qualifying and the race.

Abu Dhabi race Fri0421

Abu Dhabi race Fri0385

Abu Dhabi race Fri0392

Abu Dhabi race Fri0195


London by Night

London Night0067

Our first attempt of night photography, had Noelene and I out in the middle of an Atlantic storm – 70 mph winds aren’t conducive for long exposure times. The second attempt saw calm weather and a much more successful outcome.

London Night0061

London Night0018

London Night0036



Despite the temps hovering just above zero and a bitter wind – there was blue skies and sunshine for our trip to Stonehenge and Bath.

A beautiful Autumn day at Stonehenge
A beautiful Autumn day at Stonehenge




It was then on to Bath.

Despite several GPS issues – thank god for plan C, we got ourselves to the Park and ride in bath.

The Avon river and the covered bridge in the background
The Avon river and the covered bridge in the background